Kamala Harris urges voters in Cleveland: ‘The power of your voice is important'

By Celebpost Desk October 26, 2020

Kamala Harris visited Cleveland on Saturday to urge voters to get their voices heard by overcoming any problems that hinder their vote. In the campaign trip, Harris told the people that every vote counts and matters, and their votes would help determine the result of the presidential election.

In the get-out-the-vote rally, Joe Biden’s running mate thanked the voters for waiting in the several hours-plus lines to cast ballots. She stated that path to the White House is not possible without Ohio.

This was Harris’s first trip to Cleveland as the vice presidential candidate and it was also first weekend hours of early voting. In her speech, Harris told the people how there is a connection between the crisis of racism and the ongoing pandemic.

The senator stated, “We’re in the midst of a public health crisis, an economic crisis, and a long overdue reckoning on racial injustice in America. 

“And on this issue, let’s be clear, again [we have] two very clear choices. On the one hand, you have Joe Biden, who has the courage and the commitment and the knowledge of America’s history to speak the term ‘Black Lives Matter.’ On the other hand, you have a Donald Trump, who will never speak those words.” She added.

She made several stops and during one of those quick stops, someone shouted: “We love you and I already voted for you!”, the supporter was Sean Brady and told he was out for errands when he saw Harris.

The senator while addressing the public said that future depends on people’s votes, and they have the power to make their life better. However, her stops were short and had only limited guests. Earlier, her visit to Ohio was postponed as one of her aides tested positive for covid-19.

She further emphasized Trump’s failure to tackle the economy and the pandemic.