April 19, 2024


Blake Lively pens heartwarming note for longtime pal America Ferrara

Blake Lively shares her views about America Ferrara as part of TIME’s 100 essays

By Celebpost Desk April 19, 2024
Blake Lively pens heartwarming note for longtime pal America Ferrara

Blake Lively recently penned heratfelt tribute to her long-time best friend and  Travelling Pants co-star, America Ferrera.

The piece she wrote as her essay for TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2024 saw her say this beautifully, “For every one that knows America as a person, we watched the world simply discover America. Our friend, our role model, our ally, our sister as she soared like only she does.”

Blake poured out her love for Ferrera’s extraordinary attributes in the following words, “That’s how she lives. How she speaks. How she challenges and comforts. How she hurts and heals. How she flies and falls. How she loathes and how she loves

Lively looked back on their strong bond throughout two decades saying, “I’ve known America for exactly 20 years.” She continued,”Since I was 16 years old that girl- now woman has been my definition of a friend.” And,” What an artist is”,”What a human is”. And especially,”What an artist is.” And specially,”And what a human being is.” So much”I thank her so much for sharing her life with me, and talent with everyone.”

In conclusion to her hearwarming note piece Lively’s final sentence reads: “God blessed America but he did not bless us who live at the same time that this imprint is made on our world.”

This isn't the first time Lively has expressed her admiration for Ferrera Since January when Lively used Instagram to express her joy over Ferrera’s involvement in Barbie movie project where Lively hailed Ferreara as “the heart and soul”.