February 29, 2024


Kate Middleton's absence fuels wave of conspiracy theories

Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery

By Celebpost Desk February 29, 2024
Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery
Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery 

Kate Middleton has been away from the public eye and fans are concerned about her welfare.

On January 17, Buckingham Palace disclosed that the Princess of Wales underwent planned abdominal surgery. She remained hospitalized for around two weeks before returning home.

Prince William’s unexpected withdrawal from his godfather’s memorial service raised questions about Kate’s whereabouts.

As per a palace source, Kate "continues to be doing well" in her recovery but her low-key profile has caused much frenzy

The Princess of Wales has been asked to rest, recuperate at home as per her doctor's advice and will continue her royal engagements post Easter holidays.

It is pertinent to know that Kate’s absence is in stark contrast to her father-in-law King Charles, who is facing his own set of medical issues.

Along with Kate, the King also visited the London Clinic for surgery on enlarged prostate.