November 01, 2023


Dylan Dreyer stuns fans with 'incredible' transformation as PINk for Halloween

Dylan Dreyer chose to channel PInk the pop star for 'Today' Annual Halloween Show

By Javeria Shahid November 01, 2023
Dylan Dreyer stuns fans with incredible transformation as PINk for Halloween
Dylan Dreyer stuns fans with 'incredible' transformation as PINk for Halloween

Dylan Dreyer was "over the top perfect” with her transformation as pop star PINK.

The Today morning show team pulled off an incredible impersonation of some of the music industry’s biggest icons for their annual Halloween show.

They delivered outstanding performances of hit songs from their chosen artist, though Dreyer in particular just nailed it!

She channeled the Just Like Fire hitmaker, immaculately featuring a bejeweled jumpsuit, a cropped pink jacket, shiny combat boots, tights and most importantly her hair was perfectly styled in a platinum blonde pixie cut.

As the meteorologist took to the stage, some fans were genuinely surprised because they couldn’t distinguish her from the real PINK.

The Today show shared her performance video on Instagram on Tuesday, October 31.

Fans did not hesitate to shower her with love, with one fan praising the effort of the crew, saying, “My goodness! Pink is beautiful and you look identical to her Dylan! Kudos to your crew today!

A second fan commented, “I thought I was looking at Pink.”

Another fan complimented Dreyer, 42, “Dylan killed it! The best one by far!!”

A fourth enthusiastic fan added,”Dylan was my favorite! Perfect choice for Pink!”

Some fans admitted how they were taken aback for quite a few seconds because of her spot on transformation.

One fan noted, “This was absolutely incredible- crushed it @dylandreyernbc had to do a double take!!!!”

A second one wrote, “Definitely thought this was Pink and kept waiting for Dylan to show up. Wow, impressive!”

Another one said, “Ummm it took me a sec to realize that ain’t pink.[emojis] she looks great!!!

The resemblance was truly uncanny and everyone just loved it; the crowd showed their appreciation by clapping to the beat and cheering her on throughout the performance.