August 03, 2023

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Modern Warfare III keyart leaked online

Intense images tease exciting gameplay details

By Jean Valjean August 03, 2023
Modern Warfare 3 may be bringing reload cancelling back to gamers.
Modern Warfare 3 may be bringing reload cancelling back to gamers.

Breaking news just moments ago! Two new pieces of promotional art for Modern Warfare III have surfaced online, courtesy of a Twitter user known as Earthbound_Fan. 

The leaked images have set the gaming community abuzz, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what could be an intense and action-packed gameplay experience.

One of the leaked images features the iconic character, Captain Price, standing courageously in front of a striking red backdrop. 

The intensity of the shot is further heightened by the mysterious figure lurking in the background, believed to be none other than the formidable Makarov.

 Interestingly, this same image closely aligns with the leaked Monster Energy promotional materials that emerged just days ago, but in this leak, the artwork is presented without any branding or promotional overlays.

In the second shot, an emblem of a skull encircled by a red, metallic snake, with bullets framing the design, takes centre stage. 

Adding to the sense of impending danger, the emblem bears the chilling motto, "CUTTING HEADS OFF SNAKES," etched around it. 

Modern Warfare 3 is reportedly slated to hit store shelves by November, following a pattern of timely releases. Last year's Modern Warfare 2 was unleashed at the end of October, making the upcoming November release unsurprising.

While Activision has confirmed a Call of Duty game for 2024, speculation is rife about the title's setting. Many believe it will delve into the historic events of the Persian Gulf War, adding an intriguing twist to the franchise's gripping narratives. 

Furthermore, rumours abound that the 2024 game will be part of the Black Ops series, diverging from the Modern Warfare lineage and offering players a fresh and captivating experience