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Fortnite teases Marvel collaboration in latest version

Fortnite has been known to collab with big media properties like Futurama and Barbenheimer

By Betty Cruise July 31, 2023
Fortnite teases Marvel collaboration in latest version
Fortnite teases Marvel collaboration in latest version

Fortnite has teased a rumoured collaboration with the Marvel franchise.

Eagle-eyed fans of the game spotted some Stark Industries files scattered on a table in a building near Creaky Compound, leading to speculations of a potential collaboration.

The Easter Egg was pointed out by a username SentinelCentral following the release of Fortnite’s v25.20 update last week.

"With the #Fortnite v25.20 update, some Stark Industries files could be found near Creaky Compound," the user wrote on Twitter.

However, they urged the fans to take the tease with a grain of salt, noting it could just be assets from one of their previous campaigns.

The game publisher Epic has been known to reuse some of their assets in updates so they don’t have to create something new.

It is also to note that the aforementioned assets were last seen in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

"Before anyone gets their hopes up, this could just be a reused asset. Then again, why would it reappear many years after CH2S4?" the user added on social media.

A Fortnite x Marvel team-up wouldn’t be wishful thinking as the developers have frequently treated fans with crossovers with juggernaut media properties, including Futurama, Transformers, the Terminator, and most recently, Barbenheimer.

Rumours have been in the air about Jujutsu Kaisen also making an appearance in the game soon.

As for the MCU, the film franchise has an upcoming film in the pipeline this year, titled The Marvels, starring Brie Larson, Iman Velani, and Teyonah Parris.