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Barbie walking in Dubai: Video emerges to be computer generated

A video of Barbie walking in Dubai went viral

According to the studio the video of Barbie in Dubai was fake 

A video featuring a giant Barbie roaming in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has emerged to be a fake video.

According to AP, the video featuring the towering toy turned out to be computer generated rather than what it initially looked to be, a 3D ad.

In the aftermath of the video going viral, many believed that the projection was a hologram or 3D advertisement of sorts that was situated near the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa in order to promote the film.

"GIANT BARBIE WALKS ALONE. Imagine walking down the street, when you suddenly realize a Barbie doll several feet tall is above you. This set in Dubai, and although it looks incredible it’s a 3D hologram,"  a Facebook post read.

However, the video that showed off the towering doll was not actually on display as it was a computer-generated hologram created by Eye Studio.

According to the studio’s owner Juhi Rupani, the intention with the hologram was to leave people puzzled over its realness.

"It's a computer generated video, this is not happening in reality. A lot of people have messaged us, asking where this is, and it’s we just made this," Rupani said.

"So if people are actually confused, that means obviously the 3D artist has done a good job," she said.

However, she clarified that the video was not in partnership with Mattel or Warner Bros.

"We’re not affiliated to them. It’s just we did it because the movie had a lot of hype around it," she said.