Georgina Rodriguez dubbed a 'slave' to Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez reportedly faced trouble for their status as an unmarried couple

By Maryland Hargreaves January 13, 2023
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez 

Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s lucrative move to Al-Nassr, reports speculate some uncomfortable details of his new life in Saudi Arabia.

A TikTok video shed light on the football megastar’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and how her status as an unmarried woman will affect the way the conservative country will label her.

In the video, she explained that women in the country do not have any "independence" and that she would be given the title of a "slave" signaling that she belongs to Ronaldo.

"A woman in Saudi Arabia cannot have any kind of independence or autonomy, so she was given the title of belonging to Cristiano Ronaldo," the TikToker noted.

As per Arab culture, the legal framework of Saudi Arabia is heavily based on Islam and considering that the couple is not married, she will be registered as his "right hand" considering that they faced difficulties over their living conditions

This comes after a document of the model’s residential identity surfaced online which was quickly quashed. 

"The picture was fabricated by Amsari mocking the Saudis and their religion by putting this phrase, and now I see the people and immigrants dealing with it with black comedy!" the translated tweet read. 

"It is really insulting that the young people in the Gulf turn against their common history and culture in the Arabian Peninsula, to the point where we no longer differentiate between them and the language of the ungrateful and barbaric Palestinian."

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