Sara Bareilles highlights truth behind mental health woes: ‘I finally help’

By Melanie Aiden January 05, 2022
Sara Bareilles highlights truth behind mental health woes: ‘I finally help’

Award-winning songwriter Sara Bareilles takes to social media with a candid admission about her mental health struggles.

The lyricist turned to social media with her candid admission and started off by explaining how the impacted medication was in her battle against mental health woes.

The post included a collection of photographs taken around Christmas time and included PDA, a white Christmas and even an aurora.

The caption going alongside it read, “I went to the coldest place with the warmest people. The Northern Lights graced our final night and we chased them on snowmobiles and yelped with delight as they rippled upwards and across the universe that once again reminded me to sit back and watch the magic unfold.”

“I am grateful for these kind hearts- (@joetipps, @mona_tavakoli, #mariekeochtman, @annabaryshnikov, @teddybergman. I’m grateful for quiet snow blankets, chilly winter walks, 3 am soup sessions, cold plunges, and feeling seen and loved by my Bub.”

“It has been a very low year for me with regard to my mental health, and I am also grateful that part of the reason I can touch my joy again is I finally got the help of some medication.”

“It’s been a journey to try and pull up, and I found this year I needed more help. It is helping. I am relieved and feel more like myself- and I will find my way again and now it feels possible.”

Before concluding she also shared a loving reminder for her fan base and admitted, “If you’re struggling- I see you, and I hope you remember you’re not stuck as long as you’re willing to change the view. Begin Again.”