September 18, 2023


Rowoon parts ways with +SF9: Here's why

All members of SF9, including the now-former member Rowoon, renewed their contracts back in March 2021

By Javeria Shahid September 18, 2023
Rowoon parts his ways with the +SF9 band, revealed in a statement released by FNC Entertainment
Rowoon parts his ways with the +SF9 band, revealed in a statement released by FNC Entertainment 

Rowoon original name Kim Seok-Woo parted ways with his band, +SF9.

The news was confirmed when FNC Entertainment released a statement on Monday, Sept. 18th: “Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

"SF9, who debuted in 2016 and has been active as our agency’s artist for seven years, came upon the expiration of their first contracts on September 18.”

Upon sharing that all the members renewed their contracts they further stated,“All members of SF9 previously renewed their contracts with our agency, and they will now take another leap forward with eight members excluding Rowoon.

"Rowoon will focus on individual activities including acting,”  the statement continued. 

They also paid tribute Rowoon as he will remain the 9th member, saying:

“Although the directions of their activities are different, Rowoon, who will remain as the ninth member of SF9, along with the other eight members will cheer each other on and each put in their full effort on their own paths in order to impress fans.”

The outlet asked the fans to continue supporting the artist, “We ask that fans continue to show lots of support for SF9 and Rowoon. Thank you.”

As per FNC Entertainment’s statement, Rowoon, too, renewed his contract back then, however, he decided not to continue his career as an idol and part of SF9.

Rowoon debuted as an actor in 2017 in School for which he was highly praised and quickly became a rising star in K-Dramas, starred in Destined With YouAbout Time, The King’s Affection, Extraordinary You, and Tomorrow

His next K-Drama, The Wedding Battle, will premiere on October 30.