Avril Lavignes TikTok debut is a nostalgic tribute to Skater Boi featuring Tony Hawk

Celebpost Desk|June 22, 2021

Pop Punk Princess Avril Lavigne took everyone on a trip back to 2002 as she made her debut on TikTok.

The Canadian punk star joined the video-sharing platform and posted her first video on Monday, in which she took the help of “legendary” pro skater Tony Hawk to recreate her hit song Sk8r Boi from the early 2000s.

In her TikTok, Avril seems to be standing on a halfpipe with the ocean in the background and she is garbed in her iconic look from the Sk8r Boi music video. She’s donned in a black sleeveless shirt paired with black shorts, and along with it, she is wearing a striped necktie to complete the 2002 retro look.

The eight-time Grammy Award nominee seemed to get hang of the app quickly as she had smooth transitions throughout the video. In the first half, Avril is lip-syncing to the lyrics of Sk8r Boiand in the next half, she used one of those TikTok special tricks to transition the scene from her necktie to Tony Hawk’s tie and showed him exhibit his pro skills on the skating board.

Avril then took to her official IG handle to post about her big debut on TikTok. She shared the snapshots from the video to tease her fans and wrote, "I just posted my first tiktok with the legendary tonyhawk… go check it out!"

The Smile hitmaker seems to be revisiting her dream to learn how to skate and has been practicing actively. Only a few weeks ago, she posted a video of her having fun on the board, even though she’s still very clumsy at it.

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