When Obama made an exception to his no-selfie rule for Joe Biden

Ellen James|January 22, 2021

'My brother and friend @JoeBiden is back on Instagram,' wrote Obama

When Obama made an exception to his 'no-selfie ruke' for Joe Biden

Barack Obama and Joe Biden's friendship was once the talk of the town.

The President and Vice-President duo always managed to break the internet with countless memes of themselves doing 'everything' together.

After Donald Trump's election as the president in 2018, 'Joebama' fans were quite bummed for not being able to get more of their adorable pictures on social media.

But Barack Obama made sure to not deprive fans of their special bond when in 2018, he gave a shoutout to Joe Biden for coming back on Instagram.

"My brother and friend JoeBiden is back on Instagram. Welcome back, Joe—you'll always be one of the rare exceptions to my no-selfies rule," captioned Obama.

Speaking more on Joebama friendship, an insider also revealed:

"The bromance continues. It’s not ended. That’s one of the things I would say, you know… What does he miss about the White House? I mean, they had lunch every single week for eight years."

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