Celebrities laud Joe Biden's town hall ahead of US election 2020

By Madison Raymond

October 17, 2020
Celebrities laud Joe Biden's town hall ahead of US election 2020

America is on the route to choose its 46th president between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The official date for voting is decided to be the 3rd of November and both the Republican and Democratic parties are actively participating in their respective election campaigns. Many believe and are hopeful for these elections to be revolutionary.

Amid all this, President Trump refused to participate in the second presidential debate in a virtual format and demanded direct contact with the voters.

In place of the debate, both Trump and Biden mutually agreed to hence participate in live town halls to field questions from voters.

Many celebrities were quick to react to these speeches and instantly shared their opinions on Twitter. Some of them supported Trump, while others were looking forward to Biden being America’s next president.

Padma Laxmi called Biden’s speech priceless.

“Microwave popcorn: $2 Biden/Harris socks: $15 Listening to someone who knows what the [expletive] they're talking about: Priceless," she wrote.

Famed actress Debra Messing also appreciated Biden and called his speech "a relief."

"What a RELIEF! A calm, focused, richly informational town hall. Thank you so much @JoeBiden and @GStephanopoulos. #BidenTownHall," she said.

Comedian Patton Oswalt suggested Biden was an ‘actual adult’ in the house.

"There's an adult on @ABC right now who's mapping out how he'd get the country back on track, if you wanna tune in," he tweeted. "#JoeBidenTownHallABC."

Some Trump supporters also jumped in. Actor James Woods wrote “Biden and Harris will tax Americans to death."