October 10, 2023


Prince Andrew has 'already been punished' for damages done to monarchy

The Royal insider claimed that Prince Andrew did "not intentionally" damaged the Royals

By Javeria Shahid October 10, 2023

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Prince Andrew is being compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their part in bringing disgrace to the Royal Family.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, a royal insider claimed that Prince Andrew “deeply regrets” the damages he has done to the Royal fold.

Noting that it was “not intentional," it is believed that the Duke of York he does not intend to destabilize the monarchy.

However, Harry and Meghan’s attacks at the Royal Family in public interviews, their docuseries and Harry’s memoir Spare, are being dubbed “irredeemable.”

Both the Sussexes and the Duke of York have quit their royal duties, resulting in Harry and Meghan losing their security detail, their UK home, Frogmore Cottage after they moved to the US.

Nothing like this happened to Prince Andrew, despite being accused of sexually assaulting Virginia Giuffre when she was 17, he continues to live at his Windsor Property and Royal Lodge.

The prince always strongly denied these allegations and ultimately reached a settlement out of court last year, with no admission of guilt on his part.

According to the outlet, Duke’s friend questioned, “If you were Charles, would you rather have a problem that looks like Harry and Meghan or a problem that looks like Andrew?”

The source continued, “Andrew has taken his punishment, withdrawn from public life and done whatever has been asked of him. He knows he has damaged the monarchy. So have Harry and Meghan.”

Upon defending Prince Andrew, the insider added, “The difference is [Andrew] deeply regrets it and it was not intentional, whereas Harry and Meghan deliberately set out to cause as much damage to Charles and Camilla as they could to sell books and TV shows. That's an entirely different matter.”