Alicia Witt Releases Empowering New Single 'Clever Mind'

Alicia Witt's new single captures pain of loving unavailable partner

By Ellen James June 02, 2023
Alicia Witts new single Clever Mind explores the heartache of unrequited love.
Alicia Witts' new single 'Clever Mind' explores the heartache of unrequited love.

Alicia Witt has unveiled intriguing details about her upcoming single Clever Mind. The actress, pianist, and singer has shared insights into the inspiration behind the track, which is set to be released as part of her forthcoming EP, Witness.

Clever Mind holds a significant place in Witt's heart, as it stands as the sole song on the EP that she penned several years ago. 

Collaborating with renowned songwriter Tia Sillers, known for her work on the hit song I Hope You Dance, and Witt's late husband Mark Selby, the creation of this track holds sentimental value for the talented artist.

Alicia Witt has provided insightful details about her latest song, which delves into the complex theme of finding forgiveness and understanding for the other woman in a past relationship.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she expressed her profound gratitude for the success of her single in 2021, conveying her inability to fully articulate the significance of the achievement. 

She described her feelings as having "no words" to adequately capture the impact.

Reflecting on the song's remarkable performance on the charts, Witt shared her profound joy in seeing her self-composed track reach the top 30 and gain significant radio airplay. 

The experience filled her with a profound sense of satisfaction, describing it as a "deep, deep glow." 

She emphasized her everlasting pride in the accomplishment, expressing gratitude that her album, The Conduit, was the catalyst for her first charting song.

Witt's new single is set to be officially released on Friday.