March 16, 2023


Is King Charles III done with Prince Harry?

King Charles III is reportedly done with Prince Harry

By Madison Raymond March 16, 2023
Is King Charles III done with Prince Harry?

According to reports, King Charles has grown "utterly outraged" at the "despicable lengths" Prince Harry is prepared to go to achieve financial freedom.

These assertions were made public by a reliable insider with ties to the National Enquirer.

They consider King Charles' decision to expel the couple to be "downright cruel" and meant as a punishment.

The insider even went so far as to explain King Charles' motivation for acting as he did, saying that "His Majesty has simply had enough."

Nowadays, "He’s outraged at the despicable lengths Harry and Meghan keep doing to destroy the royals and bring down the monarchy since they quit royal duties."

The same insider also revealed how the pair had first intended to respond in kind, but "soon learned" that it was impossible.

"They tried to have their cake and eat it too by keeping Frogmore at their disposal, but that didn’t work out," the inside source claimed.

"I’m sure Meghan’s ego is bruised, though I’m told Frogmore was never grand enough for her anyway."