Travis Scott got ‘tired’ of BEGGING Kylie Jenner, felt like ‘glorified assistant’

By Melanie Aiden January 22, 2023
Travis Scott got ‘tired’ of BEGGING Kylie Jenner, felt like ‘glorified assistant’

Travis Scott has had enough!

As their romance lost its "passion," Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner officially called it quits after growing further apart.

The Love Galore singer decided to stop "begging" the owner of Kylie Cosmetics for some "romantic time" after getting sick of it.

Scott "was complaining to his friends for a while that the passion had died from the romance," an insider said to Heat Magazine.

“He got tired of begging for any romantic time and everything being on Kylie’s schedule, like he was this glorified assistant,” the source revealed.

The insider also said that Kylie “heard about him flirting with other women and suspected it went further than that.”

“Even though they had just been talking about marriage, they took a break over the holidays and she’s now kicked him out and wants very little to do with him.”

As for Travis, “He says he’s done with Kylie’s diva-like attitude and constant sense of entitlement,” the insider said.

“The trust on both sides has been wavering for a while and they were both getting bored and restless to the point it was making them miserable.”

Before coming to a conclusion, the insider said that although though it has previously occurred, it appears that the ex-couples will not be reconciling this time.

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