Smile: Scary fans spotted at MLB baseball game

By Betty Cruise September 25, 2022
Smile: Scary fans spotted at MLB baseball game

Smile, and be scared at baseball games.

The company came up with a clever strategy to spread the word about a new horror film that would be released the following week by sending background actors to actual baseball games.

It seems that the mountain execs were trying to find a method to stand out and cut through the noise, and they selected MLB broadcasts to achieve it.

We're talking about Paramount's newest release, "Smile," which drops next Friday.

Big-time TV networks aired a number of high-profile games on Friday, including Dodgers vs. Cardinals, Mets vs. A's, and Yankees vs. Sox. In every one of them, there was at least one spectator standing out in front of home plate and smiling really creepily the entire time.

A woman wearing a highlight green shirt with the word SMILE across it stood awkwardly and grinned during the Mets game until a security agent told her to park it.

At the Dodgers game, there was another man dressed in green who spent the whole of the game sitting quietly and smiling ominously. While some occasionally stood up, most sat motionlessly and simply retained the stance, totally buying into the joke.

Another man, this time dressed in blue, was spotted at the Yankees game; he was occasionally seen getting up, and viewers at home undoubtedly saw and noted that it alarmed them.

There may have been additional actors at other games, but these were the ones that received the most attention. Naturally, this is just plain old-fashioned viral marketing, and it appears to have been successful because the trick is receiving media attention.