Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza makes a grand return

By Madison Raymond September 14, 2022
Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza makes a grand return 

Taco Bell lovers are finally happy as the yummy Mexican pizza is now back to the menu after much wait. 

This classic item from Yum Brands is the kind of reliable comfort many folks have been looking forward to on the late nigh drive-thru run or for an afternoon lunch or treat. 

2020 came as a shock for all the foodies around as the COVD pandemic rolled in and the eatery Taco Bell announced it is phasing out a handful of stuff from their menu, including the beloved Mexican Pizza as it created much waste because of its box packing. 

Soon after this chaos ensued with more than 175,000 people protesting  around a Change.org petition demanding the Bell bring back the Mexican Pizza.

However, the delicious food outlet noticed all the uproar and responded with a surprise in the Spring of 2022. 

The Pizza is now available for members of the Taco Bell Rewards program, and for everyone starting on Sept. 15.