Nicole Hazen brain tumor: Wife of Diamondbacks GM dies age 45

By Betty Cruise August 05, 2022
Nicole Hazen with her husband Mike Hazen 

Mike Hazen’s, who is Diamondbacks general manager, wife Nicole Hazen passed away at 45 years old.

In a statement by the Hazen family, they lavished praise on Nicole, who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer.

"Nicole lived her life and loved her family with fierceness and devotion," the Hazen family said in a statement. "She spent every day in the service of others as a mother, wife and educator advocating for goodness."

Nicole did undergo surgery and doctors managed to remove a majority of the tumor which was followed by a six-week cycle of chemotherapy and radiation.

The Hazen family added how the dearly appreciated the Diamondback fans for their support.

"From our family, we remain forever grateful for the love, support and random acts of kindness bestowed upon us for the last two years and four months," the family said in its statement. 

"We would not have been able to walk down this road, with her, without the help and generosity of our community. Glioblastoma slowly took her capacity to speak, walk, talk and lead but never took her capacity to love her children, family and friends."

"We are lost without her but will carry the torch of her unyielding empathy for everyone forward, from this day onward."

Nicole is survived by her husband and four sons.