BTS say they were very nervous to return for first outdoor concert in 2 years

Celebpost Desk|November 30, 2021
BTS say they were 'very nervous’ to return for first outdoor concert in 2 years

Global K-pop sensation BTS, who returned to live audiences for the first time in two years with their Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Los Angeles, have opened up on performing amid a stadium crowd after such a long time!

The Grammy-nominated South Korean boys’ band had previously cancelled their 2020 U.S. tour amid the COVID-19 pandemic and took back to the stage on Saturday after two years in L. A’s SoFi stadium.

In a press conference via PEOPLE, BTS' Jin revealed how they prepare for any concert. "Before a concert, we always talk amongst ourselves and do a huddle in the green room. Before [the first song] 'On,' everyone said 'I think I'm gonna cry.'

“Everyone was very nervous," he said, adding that the members were "afraid to make a mistake," but that only made them work harder than ever. "I was very nervous. I was scared," Jimin said.

The septet also revealed on how eager they were about performing in a stadium after 2 years. Jimin said, "We felt powerless and felt depressed. We wanted to bring healing to everyone...We're back where we belong."

Despite the pandemic putting a stop to live performances, BTS has only risen in popularity across the globe with the success of their songs Dynamite, Butter, Life Goes On and Permission to Dance.

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