Chris Martins Coldplay band leaving music for good: ‘Just 3 more albums to go

Celebpost Desk|October 15, 2021

Chris Martin's Coldplay band leaving music for good: ‘Just 3 more albums to go’

Coldplay Singer Chris Martin announced that the band will retire after the release of 12 albums.

The band just completed filming its 9th studio album named Music of the Spheres and has 3 more to go.

The sudden retirement news took fans by surprise.

In a chat with Absolute Radio’s Andy Bush per Daily Mail, Chris revealed, "I think that in a few albums time we will finish making albums. This is not a joke, this is true, I think after 12, that will be the end of our catalogue. The Paradise hitmakers would not be hanging up their mics for good, as the singer wants the band, which also includes Guy Berryman, 43, Will Champion, 43, and Jonny Buckland, 44, to perform live concerts into their 70s. Chris also said that working with K-pop phenomenon BTS on the new single My Universe was a "real joy."

For those unversed, the new song, Let someone Go is going to be released soon.

The band took their inspiration from Star Wars after taking a close look at their films to get an idea of how music sounds in a distance.

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