‘Levitating: Dua Lipa takes fans into space with anime version

Celebpost Desk|September 17, 2021
‘Levitating’: Dua Lipa takes fans into space with anime version

Singer Dua Lipa released a brand new music video, taking the audience into the aesthetics of 1980s and 1990s anime, such as Sailor Moon and Creamy Mami.

The globally hit song Levitating got even better with its anime version.

The music video showcased a close-up of the moon and gave an insight into the motivating dynamics behind Lipa’s character in the video.

Lipa’s role in the video reminded fans of Sailor Moon, who also has protected the galaxy from all kinds of threats, while in Levitating Lipa lights up the galaxy with her music.

The musical anime was created by Nostalook and released on September 13, directed by Yu Tsubaki.

Dua Lipa is known for her soulful voice performances as she continued to entertain audiences with her melodious tracks.

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