Emma Coburn dishes over Olympics postponement: ‘I cant focus

Melanie Aiden|April 11, 2021
Emma Coburn dishes over Olympics postponement: ‘I can’t focus’

Olympian artist Emma Coburn has finally addressed her feelings following the Olympics postponement.

The athlete got candid with People magazine and was quoted saying, "I have really just had [a] focus on things I can control, and so I did pretty well through COVID and lockdown and cancellations of meets and all of that. I just focused on what I can control, and that was training hard, training smart, being safe."

"I felt I had prepared my whole career for a moment where the world was crazy and things were really terrible and sad that I knew to just control what I can control," she continues, "and really just, day to day, focus on my training, and that got me through. And now there's light at the end of the tunnel.”

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