Cobra Kai season 5 welcomes Sean Kanan back

By Melanie Aiden August 10, 2022
Cobra Kai season 5 welcomes Sean Kanan back

Cobra Kai has got someone back in the show.

The fifth season of "Cobra Kai" on Netflix has been revealed, along with a number of first looks at the new episodes of the "Karate Kid" prequel series.

Sean Kanan, who previously played Mike Barnes in "The Karate Kid III," is one of the well-known faces in this cast. We still don't know exactly how Barnes reappears in "Cobra Kai."

The new content gives "Cobra Kai" viewers a preview of the events of the future season, in which Terry Silver will have complete authority over Cobra Kai's goal to spread its dojo throughout the San Fernando Valley (Thomas Ian Griffith).

To stop the takeover, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) will need to enlist the help of some known and new people.