Spoiler: The Summer I Turned Pretty author shares new change in series

By Samantha David June 21, 2022
The Summer I Turned Pretty author says how she changed a character's sexuality 

The release of Amazon Prime drama The Summer I Turned Pretty had many fans wondering why there was a change in a specific detail.

Speaking to TVLine, the co-showrunner and author of the novels of the same name Jenny Han spoke of how she wanted to adapt the show to the modern age.

Sharing that she wanted to reflect the way the world works, she explained that she essentially made Jeremiah Fisher, played by Gavin Casalegno, to be bi-sexual.

"My approach to this adaptation was: How would I tell the story in 2022? What would that look like? And how would that change things?" she said.

"I think perhaps if I was writing the novel today, I may have made that choice because I think that he’s always been a character, to me, that is really at ease with himself, really comfortable in his own skin, and openminded and open to exploration. I do think that’s more reflective of today and young people today and the way they view sexuality being much more of a spectrum.

"I would say [he’s] sexually fluid. He is a young person who’s figuring out where he falls in all that and hasn’t experienced a lot of of love yet. It’s still kind of early on in that journey."

While she did change this detail Han elaborated that she still felt how the characters were essentially the same.

"I still feel that all the characters are the same," she notes.