Marita Alonso, Santi Milan's scandal taking in all attention

By George Johnson June 20, 2022
Marita Alonso, Santi Milan's scandal taking in all attention 

Marita Alonso and Spanish actor Santi Milan are thought to be in a romantic relationship after a video of the duo making love horrified netizens.

Some assumed that the girl was Marita while others do not want to make any assumptions without any clear facts as it could tarnish their image.

What the public is now waiting for is a relevant approval from both parties before reaching a final analysis.

Besides all the scandalous speculations about her, the actress does not share any Wikipedia bio on the page instead of a small descriptive one mentioned on the IMDb page.

According to several media users, the video which circulated contains some sexual content.

In the reel, a girl with a blonde hair had been featured alongside Santi but various identities of the same looking girl have been linked to him. 

The rumored pair have grabbed all eyeballs, topping the trending list.

Alonso made a startling appearance in many films like Treintaeras a la deriva (2021), No pot ser! (2019), and Retratos con alma (2018) and more projects are yet to come.