Alec Baldwins Rust featured ‘immature gun handling: report

Melanie Aiden|November 15, 2021
Alec Baldwin’s Rust featured ‘immature’ gun handling: report

The gun safety protocols in place on Alec Baldwin’s Rust have been called out for being ‘green’ and ‘immature’ after a behind-the-scenes photograph emerged.

Fox News reports the photograph features 24-year-old armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed among two other women in a circle with guns around them.

The revolver’s barrel was resting by the belly of one woman who was using her phone. Another was placed against her own hip, with the barrel in the dirt.

The third woman was holding the revolver by the end of its grip, a meshed in a tangle of wires, with the barrel pointed downwards.

One of the cameramen, Lane Luper quit the production before the fatal killing and dubbed Reed’s armory crew as "three inexperienced people.”

During his interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he also went on to say, "It’s fine on a [low-budget production] to have inexperienced people, but your department heads shouldn’t be, or people handling firearms shouldn’t be. It seemed like she was also under a lot of pressure to rush."

A source even went as far as to allege that someone else was toying with Reed’s revolver while she was “playing on her phone” and she tucked it back into her waistband without even looking up afterwards.

"Stuff like that just seemed unprofessional and it does not create an atmosphere of safety or professionalism," the same source claimed.

"When you find out she says her training came from her father, you think, ‘Oh she’s a hire because of her connections.’"

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