Jeannie Mai Jenkins reveals positive Shift in life after marrying Jeezy

Celebpost Desk|July 19, 2021

Marriage is really suiting Jeannie Mai Jenkins.

American Stylist Jeannie tied the knot with musician Jeezy in an intimate wedding ceremony that took place in their home back in March. During a conversation with PEOPLE, at her Owl's Brew Boozy Tea Party at The Wheelhouse in Los Angeles on Friday evening, Jeannie opened up about loving the life she’s sharing with her new husband.

The Real host got candid about the “shift” she felt in her life that "marked a moment that I've never felt before in my life" and confessed that she is “so grateful” to evolve with her partner Jeezy ever since their marriage.

"It marked a moment of deep, sacred, invested commitment to this person. It was different than anything I've ever experienced because I am older. I know what I want. I know what I need," Jeannie went on. "And even more than that, I'm willing. I'm willing to make the compromises and the changes in myself, in my choices to see what I could squeeze out of this love that's available for me."

Jeannie further touched on how she is planning to steer her relationship into a place where both of them are in a comfortable space and keep things from getting dull for the two. She said:

"When you have somebody that loves you so much, especially in the beginning of our relationship, it's important to savor that person's hopes and their dreams. And all too often we either kind of take it for granted or we start prioritizing differently.”

"And so you lose that person's excitement. And I don't want to do that to him and he wouldn't want to do that to me,” she added.

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