Prince Charles disliked that Princess Diana caused ‘terrific drama by fainting publically

Melanie Aiden|January 06, 2021

Prince Charles reportedly hated that Princess Diana fainted publically and caused potential ‘drama’

Prince Charles disliked that Princess Diana caused ‘terrific drama’ by fainting publically

At one point Prince Charles became increasingly angered by Princess Dina, all because she fainted in public and caused a potential uproar of ‘drama’.

The princess shed light on the embarrassing incident in Andrew Morton’s auto biography, In Her Own Words. At the time, instead of worrying about the health of his wife, the prince only fixated upon the publicity the incident brought.

In the book she explained, “I knew the bulimia started the week after we got engaged. My husband put his hand on my waistline and said: ‘Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?’ and that triggered off something in me- and the Camilla thing, I was desperate, desperate.”

While reiterating the entire situation the royal added, “It was at the Expo in Canada where I passed out. I remember I had never fainted before in my life.”

“We’d been walking around for four hours, we hadn’t had any food, and presumably, I hadn’t eaten for days beforehand. When I say that, I mean food staying down. I remember walking around, feeling really ghastly. I didn’t dare tell anyone because I thought they’d think I was whining.”

In the tell-all book Diana went on to say, “My husband told me off. He said I could have passed out quietly somewhere else, behind a door. It was all very embarrassing. My argument was I didn’t know anything about fainting.”

Later that evening, even though Diana wanted to rest and recuperate, Prince Charles refused to honor her request, out of fear of what the public might assume.

At the time he told her, “She must go out tonight. Otherwise, there’s going to be a sense of terrific drama, and they are going to think there’s something awfully wrong with her.”

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