Sia responds to netizens calling her 'insensitive' after autism backlash

By Ellen James November 21, 2020
Sia responds to netizens calling her 'insensitive' to autism community in film 'Music'

Australian singer Sia lashed out at netizens who dubbed her insensitive to the autism community.

It all began after the release of the trailer of her movie, Music. The film showcases a young woman with autism, played by actress Maddie Ziegler. Her portrayal of the character however is deemed “offensive” and “inaccurate’ all over Twitter.

Sia was quick to respond to the hateful comments and assured fans that her film means nothing but well.

“I want you to work every day knowing that we’re trying to show love for all of the caregivers, and for all of the people on the autism spectrum, that this movie is for them. If we can keep our egos out of it, that would be great,” Sia said while making the film.

She called Maddie “the most professional person I’ve ever worked with” during a recent interview.

Sia called Maddie’s character “non-verbal and she has a little echolalia who can repeat what you say to her, but she doesn’t generate her own language.”

Upon asking if she did her research on the autism community well, Sia got a bit furious and reassured the haters that she knows what she is doing.

“Duh. I spent three [expletive] years researching, I think that’s why I’m so [expletive] bummed. Autism speaks came on board long after the film was finished, four years in fact. I had no idea it was such a polarizing group!” she went on to explain.