Stephen Colbert slams Trump post final presidential debate

By Celebpost Desk October 24, 2020
Stephen Colbert slams Trump post final presidential debate

Prime time show host Stephen Colbert took to his talk show to share his two cents on the final Trump-Biden presidential debate on Thursday. The 56 year old presenter did not come slow in his criticism of the American president.  

The Late Show anchor weighed in on the relatively calmer final debate rather exquisitely. “Tonight had its ups and downs, but the highlight for me was that we’ll never have to watch Donald Trump debate ever again,” he said. It’s like dental surgery, and tonight was like getting our last wisdom tooth taken out. Yes, it hurt. Yes, we can still taste the blood in our mouths.”

The comedian turned host had done his homework and came all prepped with title cards and animation. There was even a Donald Trump cartoon that kept popping up into the screen until Colbert had to ‘spray him away.’

The final presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden happened in Nashville on Thursday night. At one point during the discussion, when confronted with his past history of racist rhetoric, Trump claimed, “I am the least racist person in this room.”

Mocking Trump’s statement, Colbert later on his show imitated the POTUS. “There are all kinds of Black people and Mexicans hiding out there in the dark,” he said. “Could be, I don’t know, plotting and planning and waiting to pounce and I wouldn’t even know because I’m so not racist.”

He also acknowledged the moderator Kristen Welker’s efforts of keeping the candidates well on subject. Referring to Welker’s question of the 545 children been separated from their parents, Cobert criticized the president for defending the move. “Trump has started playing some of the classics like immigrants are murderers and rapists,” he added.

The political commentator appreciated the mute button option that required each candidate to stay silent for two minutes every segment. Hinting towards those who do not wish to see the current president Trump get re-elected, Colbert jested, “The ultimate mute button is in your hands.”