Prince Harry wants to prove to the royals that he isn't 'sponging off his name'

By Jean Valjean

September 20, 2020

Prince Harry is ready to dabble into areas in which he holds no prior experience, as he start afresh with wife Meghan Markle by his side.

According the Duke of Sussex’s friends, he is looking to conquer the world of showbiz and has no shame in starting from the bottom as he is currently taking up web-based production courses.

He is also reportedly looking up to film director, Ron Howard.

A source cited by Daily Mirror claimed: “Harry has been doing courses, most recently a five-day ‘creative producing lab’. There is talk of Ron Howard being someone to emulate. It would prove to his family and the world he’s not going to sit back and sponge off his name.”

“Harry wants to work and is willing to do that from the bottom up. He also doesn’t want to be in Meghan’s shadow either. He is in a very creative headspace and is determined to work as hard as he can,” the insider added.

Apart from that, the duke is also looking to take up a masterclass in “documentary filmmaking and navigating truth and ethics”.