March 19, 2023


Kim Kardashian's deleted old pic with brother Rob sparks fan suspicion

Kim Kardashian deleted some old pictures with her brother Rob

By Jean Valjean March 19, 2023
Kim Kardashian has deleted old pictures with brother Rob leaving fabs confused 

Beauty mogul  Kim Kardashian's Instagram posts are always under surveillance and what fans lately witnessed was  that she had deleted some old pictures with brother Rob. 

Considering the latest issue, Rob is the only brother of   the three  Kardashian sisters.  It is easy to decipher that the sisterly love between the Kardashians and the Jenners    is strong but it is difficult to say how it is with their brother. 

Kim celebrated Rob's  36th birthday by posting  a slew of vintage images , linking the post to a sweet and  beautiful caption. 

She penned down, "Happy Birthday Robertito."

"I just love you SO SO SO much! I wish I could post your singing voice notes on here to show the world your true talents." 

Soon after  Kim shared it eagle-eyed followers noticed that  one photo was missing.  It showed  Rob and Kim joined by their half sisters Kendall and Khloe  and  the eldest Kourtney. 

Whereas Kylie Jenner  was only partially visible , leading some to believe  that this is the reason Kim removed her initial post. 

One user wrote, "Kim reposted and removed this first picture. Why, I wonder." 

"Probably because she cropped Kylie out or something, or something was incorrectly photoshopped, I dunno, haha," revealed the other .

Rob Kardashian not Kardashian-level famous, here's why 

Rob, the only son of Robert Kardashian and his ex-wife Kris Jenner,  chose to live a life hidden from the public view and only came to light after the Kardashian clan took over the name.