Kim Kardashian celebrated St. Patrick's Day with London Pub Crawl and 'Back to the Future: The Musical'

By Maryland Hargreaves March 19, 2023
Kim Kardashian celebrated St. Patrick's Day with London Pub Crawl and 'Back to the Future: The Musical'

Kim Kardashian had fun on St. Patrick's Day.

For the vacation, the 42-year-old Kardashians star went on a pub crawl with friends in London, which was followed by a performance of Back to the Future: Musical.

While she and her companions held up their pints of Guinness, Kardashian said on her Instagram Stories, "Pub hopping on this St. Paddy's Day," to capture the evening.

The SKIMS founder then uploaded a shot of her and her companions standing in front of the Adelphi Theatre with Back to the Future: The Musical on the marquee.

She took a picture close to the recognisable DeLorean time machine during Marty McFly and Doc Brown's performance.

Thursday's soccer match between Sporting Lisbon of Portugal and Arsenal F.C. of England took place when Kardashian was in London.

She brought her 7-year-old son Saint West along with his friends to watch, and she posted a number of adorable photos and videos of them enthusiastically supporting the players wearing red and white Arsenal shirts on her Instagram Stories.

Kim Kardashian celebrated her brother's birthday

The media mogul celebrated her brother Rob Kardashian's 36th birthday on Friday in addition to St. Patrick's Day.

Kim honoured her brother with pictures of the two of them throughout the years as well as a hilarious recording.

Using shamrock emojis for St. Patrick's Day, she added "Happy Birthday Robertito" to her Instagram post.

"I just love you SO SO SOOOO much!!! I wish I could post your singing voice notes on here to show the world your true talents, BUTTTT swipe to the last one to hear Robbie speak fake Armenian. You make our entire family's days with your silly messages! Not sure what I would ever do without you!"

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