Meghan Markle accused of 'mocking' curtsey tradition

By Maryland Hargreaves January 22, 2023
Meghan Markle seemingly disrespected the curtsey tradition 

Meghan Markle seemingly disrespected the Brits after her body language, in her Netflix docuseries, revealed telling signs as analysed by an expert.

Analyst Spidey spoke on The Behavioural Arts YouTube channel and shared that the Duchess of Sussex's body language exposes the fact that she has narrated the story of her curtsying Queen Elizabeth II before to her American friends.

He backed this claim after noting that Meghan performed a "stop gesture with her hand" as if to say, "This isn’t for the English people, this joke is only for Americans".

"And then she proceeds to mock something that is traditionally something that the British do — curtsy, bowing. This is something that shows respect,

"She’s told this joke before this way to American friends of hers and it hit, it landed well,

"And that’s why she’s presenting it with such confidence and saying, ‘This is for the Americans.’

"To me, it just feels a little disrespectful to mock this tradition that’s so important… to your husband’s family."

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