'Hard to forgive' Prince Harry for 'revealing intimate details' of past royal life

Prince Harry was called out for his "pettiness" following the release of his memoir Spare

By Maryland Hargreaves January 11, 2023
Prince Harry released a memoir Spare that caused a lot of trouble for the royal

Royal Editor Russell Myers claimed that the memoire of Prince Harry, titled Spare, may be "hard to forgive" after the Duke of Sussex decided to "reveal the most intimate details" of his former life as a royal. 

In in a piece for The Mirror he wrote, "These are difficult times for the House of Windsor, in a period when they are still grieving the late Queen and after a time where infighting and scandal has dominated proceedings."

"In the infancy of his reign and before he has even been crown, King Charles is fighting fires on multiple fronts.

"Not only trying to contain his family from completely imploding, on the horizon is a collective of countries who will be weighing up their options and future union with the British monarchy.

"While it may be argued the exasperation of living in the royal bubble and the lack of support from his family led Harry to this juncture, the perceived pettiness in revealing the most intimate of details will be hard to forgive."