King Charles, King Felipe toast to nations' 'advanced economies' in latest union

By George Johnson November 22, 2022
King Charles III, King Felipe IV toast to nations' 'advanced economies' in latest union

King of Spain, Felipe IV visited King Charles III at his and Queen Consort Camilla’s residence in London today.

The Spanish Monarch was in London to attend a gala dinner hosted to commemorate the 135th anniversary of the creation of Spain’s Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

He was accompanied by the Spanish State Secretary for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure as they arrived at the Clarence House.

They got dinner at the Landmark Hotel in Marleybone, after which the King of Spain also addressed the attendees in a brief speech.

“Our Kingdoms are advanced economies that share the same values and, for that reason and our geographic proximity, we are top-rate trading partners,” Felipe remarked.

Besides being the latest monarchs to accede to the throne, both monarchs are direct descendants of Queen Victoria and are fifth cousins.