Bones and All spoilers: Does Maren eat Lee in cannibalistic romance movie?

By Samantha David November 21, 2022
Maren, played by Taylor Russell (L), and Lee, essayed by Timothée Chalamet (R), in Bones and All

The cannibalistic love story of Bones and All came with an eye-opening conclusion that caused massive discussion on social media.

For those wondering what the ending was like, be warned that there will be Bones and All spoilers ahead.

The cast features Timothée Chalamet as Lee and Taylor Russell, as Maren, as a cannibalistic couple central to the story.

The story starts off with Maren being abandoned by her father, because of her inhumane urges, and decides to find her mother, whom she has not seen since she was a baby.

In her journey, she meets other "eaters" like herself including a creepy character named Sully, essayed by Mark Rylance, and Lee, who she gets close to.

While the story itself unveils many gripping and heart-wrenching details towards the end Lee and Maren had finally settled down together.

However, their happiness was cut short when a jealousy-raged Sully returns and stabs Lee in the lung in an attempt to threaten and hurt Maren.

While he was dying, Lee requested Maren to eat him while she wept and refused.

However after a passionate kiss between them, she changes her mind.

While the moment itself was shown, Maren did lick up his blood before the film cuts to an empty apartment, indicating that she indeed consumed Lee and packed up and moved out.