November 20, 2022

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Netflix’s ‘Murderville’ releases Teaser for a Christmas Special

Netflix’s Murderville has got a Christmas treat rolled up its sleeves

By Samantha David November 20, 2022
Netflix’s ‘Murderville’ releases Teaser for a Christmas Special

Netflix Murderville has a Christmas special.

Murderville, a humorous murder-mystery series on Netflix, is preparing for Christmas by releasing a special episode for viewers. The series debuted on the streaming service in February 2022 and now has a positive rating.

The six-episode first season of the American sitcom, which is based on the British sitcom Murder in Successville, is complete.

The streamer released a teaser trailer for the documentary Who Killed Santa? on Friday. A murder mystery in Murderville.

The 50-minute episode is expected to debut on the site in December. If it is renewed for a second season, it will be a continuation of the first season, continuing the plot for fans.

According to ComicBook, the show is a humorous spoof of standard murder mystery TV fare, and it also showcases the outstanding acting talents of Will Arnett, who plays Senior Detective Terry Seattle.

He is accompanied by a famous guest performer who must improvise throughout the entire situation. These guest stars for the upcoming Christmas special are Jason Bateman from Ozark and Maya Rudolph from Disenchanted.