Austin Butler donned THIS many costumes in 'Elvis'

By Betty Cruise June 25, 2022
Austin Butler needed a ridiculous amount of costumes for Elvis

Austin Butler, who starred in the musical Elvis, wore over 90 costumes during the whole course of the film. 

The costume designer, Catherine Martin, explained that there were two costume styles in the movie [varying with the decades]. "Recreations of costumes that existed, and the other fictionalized outfits that are a synthesis of outfits that he actually had that help tell the story," she added.

The pink suit rockabilly suit Butler sported was just one of 90 costumes he wore. Like all of the costumes Martin designed, it was designed to facilitate movement and serve the practicalities of filmmaking. 

"The pink suit is a combination of this very drapey, fabulous wool fabric with a very specific soft, almost cardigan-like feel in the jacket," she said.

As the singer’s fame grows [in the movie], Martin worked on iconic outfits like his jumpsuits and leather jackets.

A key collaborator was Elvis’s longtime costume designer Bill Belew, who was the NBC costume designer at the time.

Starring Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as his manager Colonel Tom Parker, the visual feast was released on June 23 and spanned two decades.