Prince William’s affair with Rose Hanbury goes viral online

By Celebpost Desk January 03, 2022
Prince William’s affair with Rose Hanbury goes viral online 

The Duke of Cambridge has once again been caught up in a rumored affair with Rose Hanbury Marchioness of Cholmondeley, a former close friend of his wife Kate Middleton which has sent shockwaves to the royal family.

Back in 2019, talks about William cheating on Kate while pregnant with their third child, Prince Louis started surfacing online.

Now after so many years, the rumours are once again flooding on Twitter thanks to the journalist Alex Tiffin.

As per certain claims, it was revealed by Tiffin, “Multiple UK news outlets have had evidence of the affair and his other comments, some even spoke of them on this site before legal threats saw them deleted.”

Tiffin's tweet seemingly referred to royal reporter Giles Coren’s 2019 tweet that said, “I know about the affair, everyone knows about the affair,” which was subsequently deleted.

Many have evidence of the alleged affair.