Prince Williams job as pilot took toll over his personal life

Celebpost Desk|November 26, 2021
Prince William’s job as pilot took toll over his personal life

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William detailed his journey working as an Air Ambulance pilot and how his mental health struggled in the process in a short film that he made.

Prince William worked as an Air Ambulance helicopter pilot post his operation as a PAF search and Rescue pilot.

In a documentary,the Duke said, "When I was in the air ambulance, any job I went to with children, that really affected me — much more than if I hadn't had children actually, So, for me, it was the relation of my personal life with the family or the incident I was at. I found that very difficult. There were a number of times when I had to take myself away because I was just getting too involved in it, and feeling it.’’

Opening up on the hardships that emergency workers faced, William revealed, "People want to protect their families, their loved ones from horrendous, and horrible and very sad things...But you're leading two different lives. You're blocking your loved ones out from a very important part of who you are and who you're becoming.”

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