‘Top Secret Marvel: Scarlett Johansson gears up for another project

Celebpost Desk|November 19, 2021
‘Top Secret Marvel’: Scarlett Johansson gears up for another project

Scarlett Johansson working on another marvel project after the immense Black Widow’s success.

According to some sources, the Deadline was willing to work with Johansson once again.

Previously, the star had made headlines after she filed a lawsuit against Disney for breaching her contract by giving Black Widow a theatrical release as well as premiering it on a streaming platform.

For the unversed, the Ghost In the Shell actress would be working as a producer of the Marvel Studios project.

The President of the Marvel company Kevin Feige praised Scarlett’s work ethics.

At the Awards ceremony , Fiege lauded Scarlett and said, ‘ She has been a key part of the MCU for years and working with her has been "memorable and rewarding."

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