‘Bruised: Halle Berrys production journey becomes challenging for her

Celebpost Desk|November 17, 2021
Bruised’: Halle Berry’s production journey becomes challenge for her

Halle Berry opened up about her directorial debut Bruised and called it the biggest challenge of her career as she sat for a chat on Saturday.

The singer discussed her enthusiasm for the production as well as the ‘ fight game’.

In an interview with PEOPLE at the AFI Fest premiere, the oscar winner said, "I was told a long time ago that if you're going to direct a story and be a filmmaker, especially your first movie, you best make it about something that you love and something you intrinsically understand.”

“And I love the fight game. I understand this world and I understand what it is to be a woman fighting to survive.”

Halle essayed the role of Jackie Justice, an MMA fighter who was forced to return to a ring after the little boy she left behind comes into her life.

She added, ”It is one of the biggest challenges of my career. I spent months training to become a champion-level fighter in "a huge, meaty part.”

The play Bruised was scripted for a young white character and the lead role was supposed to be played by Blake Lively.

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