Harry, Meghan couldnt accept line of succession to British throne: Source

Samantha David|October 23, 2021
Harry, Meghan couldn’t accept line of succession to British throne: Source

Royal biographer and author, Andrew Morton, sat down for an interview with Express and claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have issues with order of succession.

He stated, “The one thing people have to appreciate is that inside the Royal Family it doesn't matter how popular you are, it is down to your position in the line of succession.”

Morton went on, “Meghan and Harry came back from Australia and the south seas as very popular figures.”

He added, "But they were still always going to be number two and three to Prince William and then subsequently Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis."

He added further, “I think this is something that Harry and Meghan couldn't come to terms with."

The expert gave an example to explain his point of view, he stated, “Princess Margaret was once second in line to the throne and when she was married to Antony Armstrong Jones she and him were the most glamorous couple on the planet.”

He concluded, "But it all dissipated as Charles and Anne grew and developed and had their own publicity."

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