Harrys royal attacks may threaten Prince Charles monarchy

Samantha David|October 06, 2021
Harry’s royal attacks may threaten Prince Charles’ monarchy

Historian journalist Sarah Gristwood appeared in an interview and spoke about how Prince Harry’s attacks on monarchy could impact Prince Charles’ rule as future king.

She said, “Charles was damaged back in the Nineties by the ‘War of the Waleses,' but in recent years he’s come to look much more convincing as a King-in-waiting.”

Gristwood added, “But Harry’s words about him particularly seemed to suggest not enough had changed. And that really is a danger for the monarchy.”

Moreover, Royal biographer Anna Pasternak stated, “The monarchy stands for imperialism, colonialism and an unelected elite body.”

She continued, “Hence, at times of familial petty bickering and airing monogrammed linen in public, there is understandably a surge in republican sentiment. It is hard to understate the current crisis.”

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