People may lose faith in monarchy if Royal rules are broken

Samantha David|September 20, 2021
People may lose faith in monarchy if Royal rules are broken

During an interview with Express, royal expert Nick Bullen claimed that the royals shouldn’t step into world of celebrity as it can threaten the monarchy.

Bullen stated, “Hilary Mantel talked about how she doesn't think George will be the king one day.”

He continued, “I personally think that's rubbish, I think it's Hilary going for a good headline which she's very good at doing. But she drew the parallel between royals and celebrities and said that if they become too like celebrities, the monarchy loses its moment. I do think that's absolutely key.”

Bullen added, “Celebrities, stars, may well have their publicists and may well be aware of their press, the royals don't. That's where the real danger comes with royalty.”

He further added, “You look at the moment when royals have tried to step into the world of celebrity, invariably it goes wrong. I think that's one of the issues that Harry and Meghan have had with the Windsor camp.”

Bullen concluded, “They applied, and perhaps in Meghan's Hollywood training, celebrity principles to an institution that's 1,000 years old. It just doesn't work.”

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