Royal photographer unveils Prince Harrys personality from years of taking pictures

Ellen James|September 10, 2021
Royal photographer unveils Prince Harry's personality from years of taking his photos

Royal photographer Chris Jackson is touching on how taking photographs of the Queen's family, has helped him gauge individual personalities of members of the royal clan.

"The thing I love about royal photography is the depth with which you get to know your subjects," Jackson tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. "Celebrity photography is one thing — you are photographing a much bigger roster. With royals you have the opportunity to build up an in-depth knowledge of their personalities."

Speaking specifically about Prince Harry, Jackson praised his energy during the appearances.

"Harry has a real energy to his engagements," says Jackson.

He adds that Harry brings "an element of unpredictability which has always been special. One example of that was when he joined in a charity run in Rio de Janeiro and he ended up finishing the race with a face mask on. You literally couldn't have predicted that."

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