Prince Andrews temporary stay at Jeffrey Epsteins townhouse sparks speculations

Celebpost Desk|July 19, 2021
Prince Andrew’s temporary stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse sparks speculations

It was claimed that the Duke of York Prince Andrew spent time at sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s New York City townhouse, after his divorce.

Prince Andrew visited New York three years after his permanent split from Sarah Ferguson.

The news of his stay at the townhouse was reported by a Miami Herald Reporter, Julie Brown’s book named Perversion Of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein story.

The book contained information regarding Andrew’s divorce and his temporary stay at Jeffrey’s house.

According to the book, "In 1999, Britain’s Prince Andrew, newly divorced from his wife, Sarah Ferguson, was invited by [Ghislaine] Maxwell to visit Manhattan. Andrew had known Maxwell and her family for many years.He, too, was trying to find himself. On the heels of a messy divorce, Andrew agreed to escape to the U.S. and stay with Ghislaine at Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion. Andrew was soon squiring Maxwell around Manhattan, attending social events and dinner parties.”

The book claimed that Prince Andrew, Jeffrey and others were blamed for sexually assaulting a girl half their age, namely Virginia Giuffre.

The Buckingham Palace spoke up in favour of Prince Andrew slamming all rumours circulating about his involvement in young girls.

According to BBC news, "Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.”

The statement was issued four years after Epstein left for his eternal abode. He committed suicide by strangling himself a month following his arrest for sex trafficking of minors.

A source from Page Six revealed that Ferguson was in favour of her husband no matter what happened in between them. She said, “He is a ‘kind man’ and a ‘fabulous’ dad.”

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